Mag. Krista A. Rothschild

Creative Projects


“S.O.S – Scan Our Soul”
Exploring Dr. Lamm’s research on locating the human experience of pain and empathy for pain.

“Bits and Bytes of Psychology: Cyberpsychology (Part 1 of 2)”
Heartache, back pain, anxiety, a daughter’s scanty eating habits: a quick tour of cyberspace and one stumbles upon doctors, virtual support groups, pharmaceutical deliveries, various therapists and coaches.

“Windows to the Mind: The world of Cyberpsychology (Part 2 of 2)”
The Internet forges new planes of exploration in many fields of psychology, paving the way for innovative treatments and research.

“Saving Faces”
With loss of taste, speech, and smile, oral cancer can leave those affected socially crippled. Clinical psychologists try to help them adjust.

“Family Psychology: More than ‘Pimp My Child’ ”
‘Super Nanny’ Sandra Velásquez uses bridges, bare feet and warmth to close the gap between parent and child, and foster better families.

“Finding Faces for the Silver Screen”
U.S. casting director Lana Veenker returns to Vienna in February to share some of the secrets of breaking into the movies.

Weaving a Tapestry of Life. In K. Allenbaugh (Ed.), Chocolate for a Teen’s Soul: Life-changing stories for young women about growing wise and growing strong (2002) (pp. 125-127). NY: Simon & Schuster.



School Struggles — Diagnostics of ADHD and Learning Disorders:

Talk to My Heart — Psychologists in Cardiology:

Psychometric Evaluation:

IMAGINO was developed over two years to holistically measure the individual and organizational creativity potential, written by Mag. Sanja Haas, Dr. Gabriele Lang MBA & Antonija Pacek M.Phil. IMAGINO was evaluated by Mag. Rothschild for reliability and validity, as well as item analysis.



Rothschild, K., Hodkinson, K., Malik, L., Schöppl, C. & Niederreiter, C. (current) Art Therapy in Cardiology: An archival review of therapy effects. Preliminary results presented at the Division of Clinical Psychology Annual Conference 2017, The British Psychological Society, Liverpool, 18-20 January 2017.

Major Sport Events and their Effects on Health Behavior, 2008 European World Soccer Cup (unpublished).

Anxiety and Depression in an Austrian Cardiac Patient Sample (Coworker), Results from the “WIKAD-Studie: Wiener kardiologische Angst- und Depressionstudie”, Presented on May 29, 2003 at the Austrian Cardiology Society (Österreiche Kardiologische Gesellschaft) by Dr. G. Titscher.

Salutogenesis and Back Pain: Sense of Coherence as an Influential Factor for Recovery (2000). Master’s Thesis (Diplomarbeit, Magistergrades der Naturwissenschaften an der Grund- und Integrativwissenschaftlichen), Universität Wien (University of Vienna).

Primacy Effect on Impression Formation: An Updated Study, (1993). BA Project. Southern Oregon State University.