PsychAccess® serves:

  • Native English speakers, and
  • Those clients who are more fluent in the English language than German or the language of their country of residency.
  • Adults, senior citizens, young adults, teenagers and children aged 6 years and older, including child and adult Autism assessments.

PsychAccess® is available to:

  • Those with referrals from doctors, psychological counselors/therapists, and school counselors, and
  • Self-referrals for those seeking to understand their potential and talents, furthering personal and professional growth.

PsychAccess® provides:

  • Access to psychological assessments based on interviews conducted in English with a native English-speaking Clinical Psychologist.
    • An assessment typically includes the interview, testing, written report, and a final consultation.
    • The testing appointments are usually two half-days.
    • The interview and final consultation are now being done online, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • The fees include all services (preparation, interview, testing, calculations, analysis, writing time, final consultation and materials).
  • Access to assessments with original, top quality psychological tests in the English language in the following areas:
    • Clinical (i.e. anxiety, depression, chronic pain, memory, attention, dementia, Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder, and now also Autism Spectrum Disorder),
    • Psychoeducational (i.e. reading disorders, spelling disorders, math disorders, writing disorders, intellectual disability, motivation, achievement, and deficits due to medical conditions, such as epilepsy and brain trauma),
    • Vocational interests/development (i.e. interest searches and career changes), and
    • Personality testing (i.e. introversion, self-esteem, coping styles).
  • Access to psychological consultations in English.
    • Consultations are available in English for youth and adults.
    • Areas of specialty include:
      • Transition stress after an international relocation,
      • Learning disorders and ADHD,
      • Psychological aspects of chronic pain and illness, heart disorders, and
      • Stress management.
    • Due to time limitations or the nature of the difficulties, referrals to other colleagues may follow the assessments or consultation requests.