After 10 years, PsychAccess® has become a team effort…in and outside of the office. Mag. Krista Rothschild recently hired Lezley Davidson, BA, MA. She also trains several MA interns every year. Plus, she has continued the work of Mag. Lisa Wollmann: building up the network, Vienna Mental Health Professionals. Due to time limitations or the nature of the difficulties, referrals to other colleagues may follow the assessments or consultation requests. Vienna Mental Health Professionals is a network, a collaboration of approximately 90 English-speaking psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, neurologists, speech-language therapists, occupational therapists, academic coaches, school counselors and more.

Quality Control at PsychAccess®:
Supervision is provided to Mag. Rothschild, when needed, by:

  • Dr. Kathrin Hippler, Clinical Psychologist, Autism Specialist,
  • Mag. Isabella Hell, Clinical & Health Psychologist, Systemic Therapist,
  • Dr. Eva Adler, Clinical and Health Psychologist; Psychotherapist; School Psychologist; and Dyslexia Trainer
  • Dr. Peter Rothschild, Psychiatrist and Neurologist, and
  • Other highly qualified colleagues.